Pass Rate!

Before you look or listen to anybodies "PASS RATES" it is worth thinking about a famous quote "there are lies, damned lies and there are statistics". The moral is when it comes to pass rates BE CAREFUL! The problem is that it is very easy to quote a "good month" or a "good week" which can be in no way an accurate account of the way an instructor is truly performing.

The national average pass rate is only about 43% and the first time pass rate much less! It is fair to assume that there are as many instructors working below 43% as there are above it!!!
Only about 1 in 25 instructors make 70% and yet there are 1 in 8 make less than 30%!!!

Any claims about pass rates should be clear with proof to back them up. There are 3 ways that should be used if quoting pass rates, "a year" "a tax year" or "a rolling 12 month period".

Overall 1st Time Average
Rolling 12 months 65.9% 69.0% 67.5%
From 04/04/10 73.9% 68.4% 71.2%
From 01/01/10) 63.9% 68.0% 66.0% (correct as of 31/10/10) (not yet a complete year)
New car (15/05/10) 80.0% 76.9% 78.5% (correct as of 31/10/10) (not yet a complete year)

As you can see statistics can vary but as you can see whichever way you prefer to use I am achieving a TOP grade pass rate for my students.

Using both 1st time pass rate and overall and using 4 different methods the overall average of them is 70.8%